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The new website of the restaurant "Al Tonno di Corsa" is on the web. Among the new features, we would like to underline our revised wine list, but also the new blog that will allow us to keep in...


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Al Tonno di Corsa

Even the name seems strange, but every Carloforte’s citizen actually knows what it is about: the Tonno di Corsa  is the specific  type of tuna which uses to be captured in particular nets and traps system called “Tonnara”.  Since we opened the restaurant  in 1980 our purpose was to bring out the flavour of tuna, caught in May and June in the clear seas of our wonderful island.

The "cassinee", the ancient district of Carloforte where the restaurant is located, characterized by plenty of typical stone steps and alleys called “carruggi” in which it is easy to find and recognize a Mediterranean flavour, reminds us the feeling of the former days. The aromas, the flavours of our traditional food are expressed in the wonderful tuna-appetizers  : “musciamme”, “Bottarga” (the roe), “capunnadda” and our unique tuna-heart salad. After those, the first courses: our typical “cascà” of Tunisian origin, the “bobba” with vegetables and herbs like basil and marjoram, cassulli and our fresh homemade pasta served with seafood sauce.

Here the main courses, all based on fresh fish that local fishermen daily offer to us: mullet, gilthead bream, lobster, inimitable tasted tuna. The restaurant is located in the heart of the old town, at n. 47 of Via Marconi, formerly known as Banner Street, since the path of that street  coincides with the previous old walls of the castle, from which a Banner used to be hoisted at dawn.  A wise transformation of a classic Carloforte’s house has allowed to create the restaurant with a sight kitchen that lets you enjoy and appreciate the preparation of our tasty dishes.