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The new website of the restaurant "Al Tonno di Corsa" is on the web. Among the new features, we would like to underline our revised wine list, but also the new blog that will allow us to keep in...


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The Curiosities

Tonno alla carlofortinaIn questa pagina trovate alcuni tra i piatti tipici della cucina tabarkina che fanno parte del menu del Tonno di Corsa.

La maggior parte dei piatti sono a base di pesce e ovviamente a farla da padrone è il tonno.

Da segnalare il cashcà, una variante del cous cous tunisino, a base di verdure fresche di stagione che i nostri avi hanno acquisito durante la loro permanenza a Tabarka, piccola isola della Tunisia dove vissero prima della colonizzazione dell'isola di San Pietro.

Un altra curiosità tipica della cucina locale è la bobba, una minestra a base di fave secche e verdure di stagione.

Type of dish: First courses

The Casca is a variation of the tunisian couscous recipe. It actually consists of wheat bran properly prepared and steamed in the couscous specific pot. It is seasoned with fresh legumes and vegetables. 

Tags: Casca, Cous cous, Kuskus
Type of dish: First courses

Gnocchi shaped homemade pasta. The dressing of this dish is a tasty sauce with tuna, tomatoes, pesto and Parmesan cheese. 

Tags: Pasta
Tuna alla carlofortina
Tuna alla carlofortina
Type of dish: Main courses

At the first sight this dish looks like a braised meat dish. It is cooked in a casserole in a brown sauce with white wine and flavored with bay leaves and vinegar.

Tags: Tuna, Vinegar
Heart of tuna
Heart of tuna
Type of dish: Starters

It 's actually the cardiac muscle of tuna, treated as a cold cut. Our proposal is to serve it sliced in a small salad with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 

Tags: Tuna, Balsamic vinegar
Type of dish: Starters

This part of the tuna could be compared to the fillet. The musciamme is treated like cold cuts in general, it remains pickled for a period of 30 days, and after that it is ready to be eaten. It is a perfect starter, sliced and dressed with a drizzle of olive oil and served with tomato and "facussa" (a vegetable similar to cucumber that grows only on our island).

Tags: Musciamme, Tuna, Tomato, Facussa